Site coordination capability

Date: 10/05/2021, 16:18:00

Contributing to the success of the project, besides the project management board, there are many other contractors involved and interact with each other, if this coordination is not synchronized, nor timely, nor towards the common goal of the project, it will eventually lead to the ineffectual implementation of the project.

Ha Yen is the leading company in the field of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment in Vietnam. We have more than 27 years of consecutive experience, implementing more than 2000 large and small projects stretching from North to South, including the world-class hotels and resorts under the management of Rosewood, IHG, Accor hotel groups...such as Hoiana, Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Marriot, Novotel or other large upper scale projects developed by major investors such as  Sun Group, Vin Group, Bim Group, FLC… not only numerous kitchen of the Canon, Honda, Netsle, Microsoft… factory canteen but also the chain of Golden Gate…high class restaurant, and more over hospitals, schools across the country.

With years of experience, Ha Yen has capabilities to coordinate with other contractors during the project implementation - Ha Yen's engineering team who work at the construction site is always highly appreciated by the investor and other contractors when they handling quickly occurrences arise between the parties firmly, timely and efectively.

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