Review the oven and sterilize Ha Yen Instructions for use of the oven

Date: 04/12/2020, 14:34:37

Currently, to ensure food safety and hygiene, we need to pay attention to two factors: Firstly, food must be clean, and secondly, containers such as dishes, dishes ... also need to be sterilized first when using. Therefore, along with the control of food safety and hygiene, the devices capable of disinfection are also being widely used in industrial kitchens.

And the equipment we want to introduce in detail in this article is the drying oven and sterilization of Ha Yen dishes, used to dry and disinfect dishes by temperature and ozone gas.


đánh giá tủ sấy và diệt khuẩn hà yến

Review the structure and design of the cabinet

Ha Yen dish sterilization and drying oven have an exquisite design, with a height that is just within reach of the operator. The material that makes this cabinet is 304 stainless steel with rounded corners, making it easy to clean and very safe for users.

Design and construction outside

The cabinet is designed optimally, from the smallest details that have been carefully calculated to bring the most comfort, safety and savings to users during use.

The wing is reversed

Ha Yen sterilization and drying oven has a reversing door, depending on the installation location of Ha Yen's techniques, it is possible to install the door to open left or right to make it more convenient for use.

Glass 2 layers

The cabinet door is made of 2 layers of glass inside and outside. These 2 layers of glass are heat-insulating, limiting heat in the cabinet, wasting energy while ensuring safety for users.

In particular, the door also has rubber gaskets that both reduce noise and avoid heat loss, and we can also disassemble them and clean them easily.

đánh giá tủ sấy và diệt khuẩn hà yến

2 sides made of insulated cotton

The two sides of the oven are also made from insulating fuel, so this oven is more energy efficient than other conventional ovens.

Wheel legs

Cabinet stand on 4 wheels. You can easily change the position of the cabinet. And when you have chosen a suitable position but want to fix the cabinet, just lock the wheel.


This is a control panel, cabinet with power button, independent ozone button, temperature up / down control button, time control button. During use we can use or not use the ozone sterilization function. The control panel is scientifically designed, allowing the user to better control the temperature and time.

đánh giá tủ sấy và diệt khuẩn hà yến

With the oven and sterilization of Ha Yen we can save 3 programs in advance of the operation time of 1 cycle of drying and killing bacteria M1, M2, M3. The cabinet is automatically saved with 60’-70’-80 ’… when using the ac just select the appropriate program and you can also reset this default setting according to your desired time.

Structure and design inside of the cabinet

The drying oven of Ha Yen works by automatic mechanism, from scheduling to releasing ozone gas or adjusting lights.

For example: When the cabinet is spraying ozone gas, for some reason the cabinet door is opened, the ozone injection function will automatically disconnect, this also ensures more safety for the operator. Of course, when opening the door there is still a small amount of ozone in the cabinet escaping, but the ozone content in the cabinet of the bird's nest is calculated to be enough to kill bacteria but still within the safe range for the user.

The door of the cabinet has a switch, when the door is closed, the light will automatically turn off, when the door is open the light will light up. This automatic mechanism both saves power for the device and saves the user operation.

The shelves are well designed to organize your dishes, and are easy to pull in and out (pull in your hand). In addition, the cabinet has many positions to mount the rack so you can change the position for the rack very easily (point to the fingers) depending on the height of the dishes to be dried.

đánh giá tủ sấy và diệt khuẩn hà yến

The cabinet is fitted with a temperature sensor, to ensure the temperature in the compartment is the same as the set temperature, enough to kill bacteria in the tools.

Convection fan and dry resistor

The most important part in the cabinet is the convection fan and dry resistor, the device operates on the aerodynamic principle. This dry resistor will heat up the temperature and then the convection fan will dissipate heat evenly to the entire cabinet, ensuring all items in the instrument compartment will be thoroughly disinfected.

Instructions for using the oven and bactericidal Ha Yen

After arranging the dishes in the cabinet, we turn on the temperature, turn on the ozone, in this case Ha Yen used both the temperature and the ozo to dry and disinfect the dishes.

Temperature, we choose 70 degrees, to select this temperature level, we hold the temperature button for 5s then start to increase or decrease the temperature to the desired level. In terms of time, HY chose program M1, which was 60 minutes.

Note: Only choose below 80 degrees, with a higher temperature range most likely to break the dishes



Detailed video review and instructions on how to use the oven and kill Ha Yen dishes


The oven and sterilization of Ha Yen Group have optimal design, intelligent, safe and energy-saving operation. Especially, bringing high efficiency, destroying most of the bacteria in dishes, making dishes hotter to help keep dishes warm. Therefore, this device is now widely used in restaurants and hotels.

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