How to Sous Vide Cook a Strip Lion in Combi Oven

Date: 20/02/2016, 10:11:00

Sous Vide is an unique, sophisticated cooking method. Apart from using traditional cooking method, we can use Combi Steamer to make it with these simple steps:

1. Trim beef strip loin

2. Remove from 1/3 to cook

3. Sauté onion, reduce red wine and incorporate butter. Chill.

4. Season

5. Vacuum seal with wine onion mixture

6. Ready for cooking

7. Use foam tape when using our sous vide probe

8. Cook in the Combi on steam at 128f (54c) to 128f (54c)

9. No water bath needed

10.Remove meat from Combi oven and either chill or hold hot to finish and serve

11.At service sear in a hot pan with oil & butter

12. Ready to portion cut

Purée the onion and butter mixture that the meat cooked in