Journey of " Sharing - Giving love"

Date: 02/07/2015, 09:00:00

In the spirit of solidarity, mutual love, good leaves protect torn leaves, Ha Yen Corp has launched and successfully organized a series of voluntary love programs in: "Sharing, giving and sending love". In the two days of June 27-28, the Youth Union of the Company represented all staff members to Ban Van Ho 1, Van Ho 2 Nam Tre communes, Song Tho District, Lai Chau Province to hand over the missing children. Children's meaningful gifts.

"Living in the world needs a heart. What do you know? Let the wind blow away, let the wind blow away ..." The winds carry the warmth of the love that brings love everywhere. With the message "Sharing and Giving Love", on June 20 at Ha Yen Corp, a fundraiser to support disadvantaged children in Lai Chau province took place. Supporting session with the participation of the Board of Management and all employees of Ha Yen Corp.,. The entire amount of donated money is used to buy essential items and supplies for children, and will go to the place and hand them to disadvantaged children at Van Ho village - Lai Chau province.

In the early morning of June 27, the Youth Union went to Lai Chau to conduct a charity program. Through the 450km long pass, with the enthusiastic guidance of comrades Sin Suoi Ho border guards, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province, until 14h00 the same day the team was present at Ban Van Ho 1, Van Ho 2 to give gifts to small children of these two villages.

Along with the delegation, there were doctors of military hospital 103, conducting medical examination and treatment and giving free medicine to children, helping children to develop both intellectually and physically.

During the volunteer journey, the delegation was really moved to see firsthand the lives of the highland children here. In that difficulty, the prepared gifts (including books, pens, clothes, candy, milk, sugar ...) will contribute to the spiritual meaning of the children.

Seeing the smiles, the joy of the children here is a great happiness that every member of the team can feel.

The group left the village and prayed that the smiles would never turn off on the lips of the children here. They will need more sharing from us in everywhwere  in our country!

Following the journey at the two villages, the delegation visited Sin Suoi Ho Border Guard Station, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province. Here, the delegation was warmly welcomed by commanding comrades and soldiers in the post.

The whole group had the opportunity to visit the area around the border post, learn about the mission and activities of the soldiers as well as talk with the Military Command of the Border Guard Station. The whole group heard the sharing of the comrades about the situation of ethnic minorities in the province and plans to help and support the people's life less difficult. At the end of the exchange, there are meaningful wishes sent to all soldiers of the Border Guard Station, wishing you always well fulfill the task of defending the national border, support and take care of the lives of relatives people in high mountains.

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