Hayen's deledation visted and worked with customers and strategic partners in Japan

Date: 07/02/2023, 13:23:15

From the 29th of January - the 4th of February, Hayen delegation visited and worked with customers and strategic partners in Japan. After nearly three years of the Covid-19 epidemic, when business interactions cannot form face-to-face. Now that the world situation is functioning normally again, Hayen also promotes activities of meeting, exchanging, and connecting with customers and partners.

With the sustainable cooperation over the years, all customers and partners have expressed their desire to continue maintaining and promoting the cooperation relationship with Hayen growing even more.

During this business trip, members of the delegation had the opportunity to visit and learn at the partner's factory with more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment. Here, Hayen learned the process of product processing, quality management, packaging, and export. Moreover, Hayen also has the opportunity to understand more about the products being manufactured and provided to customers.

In a period of 1 week, although not long, Hayen's delegation has made efforts to learn and acquire knowledge, valuable experience as well as special experiences, understanding more about Japanese culture and working style.

Hopefully, with the spirit of progress and always striving to improve capacity, Ha Yen will increasingly receive the trust and support of customers and partners from Japan and also other countries.

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