Hayen Group’s worker is honored to be awarded the title of " PROFICIENT WORKER" by the Bac Tu Liem District's Confederation of Labor.

Date: 03/05/2021, 16:15:00

On April 29, 2021, the Confederation of Labor of Bac Tu Liem District has rewarded title of " PROFICIENT WORKER" to Mr. Hoang Tien Dung – The Leader of Production Technology Department, Tan Ha Phat factory, Ha Yen Corporation.

During the time working at Ha Yen and Tan Ha Phat, Mr. Tien Dung has made a lot of improvements and initiatives applied in production, which contributed to reducing production time and increasing productivity in our factory.

He has attained total 20 improvements in 2020. Typical of those from March 2020 are as follows:

1. Initiative in June 2020 to improve the scratcher vacuum cleaner system. This improvement has benefited the company in

• Improve working environment to ensure health of workers.

• Improve productivity, reduce costs.

• Made dust removal at ease, prevented leak to environment.

• Automatic lifting and dropping according to maneuver of the worker.

2. Initiative in July 2020 to improve the specialized carrier for European cooking range’s molds. Subsequent benefits are:

• Improve productivity, reduce costs.

• Decrease operation time, easy disassembly

3. In August 2020, he had an initiative to improve the Taraud manipulation table: Advantages resulted are:

• Reduce rate of drilling faulty on products.

• Resist surface scratches on goods

• Easy chip removal without discharge into the environment

Kaizen is understood as an extremely necessary activity, we always encourages and appreciate ideas and initiatives to improve the work from our employees.

In view of improvement, Hayen considers that those shall be proposed by workers themselves, by people directly work in production line since they are the ones understand best their job. Constant improvement will help to build up a lean factory with competitive abilities in technology, quality, cost and price. Therefore, all corporation’s employees in general & factory workers in particular, let's always keep high spirit and promote improvements in all our activities so that Ha Yen will grows stronger and stronger.

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