On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival and the new school year 2019, Ha Yen visited and offered gifts to children in SOS Children's Village Vietnam.

Date: 05/09/2019, 00:00:00

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the new school year, on September 3rd, 2019, Ha Yen's representatives visited and offered gifts to 16 families and 1 dormitory at SOS Children's Village Vietnam. With all our sincerity, we hope to share some of the emotional and spiritual disadvantages of the children & also partially brought some mild pleasure & joy to their day life

Hayen offered to each family 2 million VND in cash & gifts with handmade moon-cake heartedly prepared by our company associates.

The children is still being suffered with lot of spiritual difficulties and material disadvantages in their day life. However, with dedicated love & care from social officer, mothers & others philanthropist, with individual donation & team’s contribution, we will build up for them a family home & bright future.

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