The one-way principle In Hotel and Restaurant Kitchen Design

Date: 07/04/2016, 09:51:00

Because of serving a large number of customers, kitchens in restaurants and hotels need to be designed in accordance to some certain principles. Hayen Corporation’d like to share some necessary information about kitchen design principle for those who are intending to open a new restaurant or hotel.

Applying the one-way principle in kitchen design brings out several benefits, food preparation and cooking process will not be overlapped; already cooked food will not be cross-contaminated, assuring food safety. Additionally, a large amount of cooking time will also be saved.  

Kitchen designed with one-way principle

An one-way principle configuration kitchen will take the following route:

1. Storage area: fresh food is stored in chiller/freezer, on shelves in storage area.

2. Food preparation area: food is processed in the preparation area before being cooked.

3. Cooking area: after being prepared, food can be taken to the cooking area or keep in counter chiller/ upright chiller , being ready for cooking. 

4. Cold kitchen area: cold dishes like salad is processed in the cold kitchen area. 

5. Food pick-up area: already cooked food is displayed and decorated  in the food pick-up area, ready for serving when being asked. 

6. Washing area: dishes are washed and dried in the washing area.

Main functions of each area.

1. Storage

This area is used for preserving unprocessed food. This section should be located far from the area of already cooked food. Pieces of necessary equipments include: freezer cabinet, chiller cabinet, commercial refrigerator, shelves for keeping dry food, ice machine, stainless steel trolley. 

2, Food Preparation Area 

Equipment/ utensils:

- Chopping board, knife.

- Sink table: with different types for different aims like washing meat, vegetable, fish...

- Dust bin

- Stainless steel shelves.

- Meet mincer, meat slicer, bone saw machine.

3, Cooking area

This is the most important area and also heart of the kitchen. Equipment includes:

-Commercial rice cooker 

- Cooking equipments: fryer, griddle, range, stock pot stove.

- Stainless steel table/shelf for putting cooked food.

- Warming equipments: to ensure that food is always kept warm and delicious.

- Shelf/draw for putting spice, oil. 

- Cold kitchen: a place for salad or fruit processing, isolated with other areas to avoid cross-use of knife and chopping board.

- Exshaust hood: an equipment that helps inhaling smoke from food cooking and keep kitchen ventilated. 

4, Service area, bar area

Equipments: counter chiller , sink table, stainless steel counter, garbage bin….

5, Washing area

Equipments: garbage bins, sinks,pre-rinse faucets, dishwashers, dish rack shelves, trolleys…