Ha Yen participated in the activity "Innovation Showcase 2019" at "Innovation Week"

Date: 17/05/2019, 09:00:00

“Innovation Week” was hold by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA) to promote the new breakthrough researches, to exploit the role of emerging technologies in Vietnam's socio-economic development

At this event, Hayen would like to open a booth, exhibiting and introducing the Commercial induction cooker with the project "Commercial induction cooker solutions modeled ESCO for catering business in Vietnam" in front of senior leaders of the Vietnamese & the Australian Government in Vietnam and development organizations around the world. This is the most excellent project, won the creative start-up responding to climate change in Vietnam in 2017 - POC2 - organized by VCIC Project Management Unit. Hayen's project aims to "Cutting 942,000 tons of CO2 equivalent to 0.5% of emissions into the environment in Vietnam every year". Hayen expressed the creative and breakthrough points of project. As a result of this, the leaders of government agencies and international organizations were completely attracted & convinced.

Ha Yen exhibited and introduced three induction cookers from the most typical Masterinduc brand such as: Wok Range IMWR1-15, Open Range IMOR4-3 and Deep Fryer IMDF1-15…These are very popular in the commercial kitchen.

Through the event, Hayen expressed our determination and efforts to development the project around the region and hoped to receive more supports from international organizations to contribute in reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.    


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