Warranty - Maintenance

Date: 28/01/2021, 13:53:27

Not only meet and satisfy customers' needs for on products and solutions provided, we also have desire to provide customers the professional warranty, maintenance and technical support services to ensure kitchen and laundry system operating stably, effectively and safely.

Main services

- Warranty for equipment and products provided by the company.

- Maintain equipment during or after the warranty period (Offer maintenance contract on equipment after the expiration of warranty period)

- Provide all equipment repair services.

Dutiful abilities:

- On site warranty service

- Services available to provide nationwide.

- Experienced team skillful maintenance staffs with enthusiastic manner.

- Always set prestige and service quality as top criteria

- Fully equipped with professional tools & apparatus to carry out inspection, warranty, maintenance services and installation.

- Full technical documentation available

- Spare parts available.

Service team:

- Having experience and qualifications in electrical, gas, induction cooking equipment as well as laundry equipment.

- Professionally trained by major suppliers in the world.

Warranty and maintenance experience

To our customers, Ha Yen understands that troubleshooting time on equipment for customer is always top priority, since failure occurrence in a kitchen or laundry system, may cause heavy impacts the business operations of the enterprise.

Over the past 27 years, we have performed warranty and maintenance contracts for numerous projects in the field hotels, resorts, restaurants, schools, hospitals, factories… Ha Yen’s services is always highly appreciated by the operator.

Ha Yen's services on equipment maintenance and warranty always satisfies partners, through which more and more customers have signed equipment supply, consultancy contracts and requested for maintenance and repair for their kitchen and laundry.