Essential Equipments in a European Kitchen

Date: 01/04/2021, 15:21:00

It is crucial for a European kitchen to be equipped such equipments like 4 burner range, deep fryer, griddle, charcoal grill… It is Hayen’s honor to introduce the main pieces of commercial kitchen equipments.

4/6 burner range

Gas or electric model

With or without oven

This kind of range is used to cook main dishes. Range with oven can be used to bake like whole fried chicken or fish for about 100 people.

Deep fryer

Deep fryer is used to cook deeply fried dishes like fried chicken drumstick, whole fried chicken, French fries. With this kind of fryer, we can make crunchy and crispy golden crust . It is advisable to cook at appropriate temperature from (170°C to 180°C) so that food can be golden instead of being dark.

 Deep fryer

Flat top griddle

Flat top griddle grill is useful for griddle dishes with little oil on top in order to make gorgeous cust color . This equipment is suitable fo the dishes like beefsteak, omelet, baked food coloring.

Charcoal grill

We use this equipment to cook European style dishes like bacon, smoked sausage, grilled ribs with specific taste. 


they are used to preserve food after it is stored. We can use refrigerator (half freezer/half chiller) or freezer , chiller  in accordance to restaurant’s need.

 Counter chiller : this kind of table is used to put processed food before cooking. Food is normaly cooked within an hour after it is prepared. As a result, it is necessary to use counter chiller to keep food always fresh and delicious.


This equipment is necessary to ensure that glasses are always clean and crystal.