Bending R6 at raised back edge.

Surface & console was welded together.

Console positioned 100mm from 2 ends.


Available to customize: S/S type, thickness & surface.

Stainless steel solid raised edge D8, height 30mm.

Care and safety:

Abraded & cautiously polished edges, hazard free. Safety usage.

Package & lable:

Carton box and PE film wrap to prevent scratch & dust.

Extra carton layer & fixed wooden frames applied for exportation and long distance freight.

Wall mounted shelve can be specifically customized as per request.


Stainless steel 304.

Surface stainless steel 304#4, thickness 1.0.

Stainless steel console 304#4, thickness 1.5

STT Chi tiết sản phẩm Đặc điểm
1 Wall mounted solid  shelf 1070x350x250. Wall mounted solid  shelf 1800x350x250
2 Wall mounted solid  shelf 1500x500x250. Wall mounted solid  shelf 1800x500x250
3 mounted shelf 1500x200
4 Salamander shelf 923F - RINNAI, 787X405X300
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