6 safety principles when operating an industrial kitchen

Date: 26/01/2021, 10:44:12

Industrial kitchen is a place to cook large quantities of food in a short time. Therefore, the scale and cooking capacity of industrial kitchens are also much higher than that of other kitchens. Therefore, keeping the industrial kitchen safe for kitchens, restaurants, hotels, schools ... should be paid more attention.

To clarify how to keep the kitchen safe when using the kitchen, today, Ha Yen will introduce the safety principles that any industrial kitchen must adhere to if the kitchen is to operate efficiently and safely. operators.

1.Safe floor design

The design of the floor for the kitchen is very important, care should be taken not to use slippery materials to avoid tripping.

2. Use light of appropriate intensity

Do not abuse lighting in industrial kitchens. Businesses should use soft, non-glare lighting and arrange lights so that they do not cast shadows toward the cooking and processing areas to ensure more safety.

3.Put the electrical appliances in the correct position

The minimum rule in kitchen design is to keep electrical outlets, electrical wires away from faucets, water tanks ... the sockets should be placed higher than the floor and should be protected by pressure. During use, the chefs should also be careful not to touch the socket or the wire when hands are wet.

4.Use gas stove properly

When using a gas stove, absolutely do not leave anything ignited near the stove, so regularly clean the stove and avoid spilling food while cooking.

5. Arrange furniture properly

It is recommended to arrange to keep furniture in the industrial kitchen neatly, ensuring the kitchen is well ventilated and avoiding accidents from falling and falling.

6.Maintain the kitchen regularly

The equipment should be maintained periodically to detect signs of failure in time (if any) and correct, at the same time to clean, replace the condition if necessary and prolong the life of the stove.

These are the basic principles when using industrial kitchen equipment, in fact for a kitchen to operate safely, the chef must be smartly and scientifically designed from the experienced units. professional experience. Meanwhile, the kitchen not only ensures the safety principles but also saves fuel costs and time for the operator.

With 25 years of experience in designing, constructing and providing comprehensive solutions for industrial kitchens of restaurants, hotels ..., Ha Yen confidently brings to the units the services and products of quality standards. Best. The company always pays special attention to safety to ensure creating the best working space for chefs to work with peace of mind.

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