22nd foundation anniversary celebration of Hayen Corporation.

Date: 20/12/2015, 09:00:00

On 12th December 2015, Hayen Corporation celebrated 22nd foundation anniversary (13th December 1993 - 13th December 2015). Participants included management committee and all the staff.

After 22 years of construction and development, HaYen Corporation has built up and enhanced its prestige on the market. Hayen’s products have been available in restaurants, hotels, resorts nationalwide. During passing years, Hayen has built up a strong, close-knit collective that has enabled the companyto accelerate its  development.

On this occasion, the celebration was a collective birthday party for those who had their birthday in December. Le Xuan Hung, who had his birthday in December said “witnessing the moment when all people sing the Happy Birthday song and dance lively, I find that it is  Hayen’s company culture that can do such great things. I’m proud of being a member of Hayen family”.

The birthday party took place in a cozy and lively atmosphere. The event provided all the members of Hayen family an opportunity to get closer.

Happy Hayen’s birthday! Wish Hayen further success!

Here are some photographs taken in this celebration:

On behalf of all the staff, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dai congratulating the management committee.

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