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Hayen Corporation, a prestige commercial kitchen equipment consultant.


As a leading commercial kitchen equipment contractor, Hayen always provides sustainable & hightly qualified products  to help restaurants, hotels, resorts serve diners at the best way. Moreover, Hayen has a skilled, well- trained technician team to monitor project processes from design, execution, supervision, to operation. 

We give our customers the advice to set up the effective kitchen which is suitable with the space and budget. As a result, our customers could be assured that their kitchen will be efficiently operated as expected. 

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Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort kitchen consulted and installed by Hayen 

1, Customers of Hayen Corporation:
1. Kitchen design consultancy for:
a, Hotels ( under 5 star standard)
b, Restaurants
c, Factories/ companies
d, Schools, colleges, universitys
e, Hospitals
2, Hayen Corporation applies Quality Management System- Requirement ISO 9001-2010 for consultation, design and execution process. Consequently, all customers can satisfy with products and services that Hayen provides. Our working process includes:
a, Survey customers’ demand.
b, Technical inspection
c, Consult towards maximizing customers’ benefit.
d, Concept design
e, Customer's approval
f,  Layout & M.E.P design
g, Modifying design according to customers’ expectations.

InterContinental Nha Trang Kitchen

With experienced and professional commercial kitchen and laundry equipment designers, Hayen guarantees to satisfy all customers even the fastidious ones. Besides, we strive to become the leading commercial kitchen and laundry equipment supplier and manufacturer in Vietnam. 
With a firm foundation, an enthusiastic, devoted, experienced, skilled staff, we believe that Hayen is the best choice for your project!
For further information about our involved projects, please see here


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We are not just proud but also aware of mission of the pioneer, the leader in the field of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment in Vietnam.
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