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Sirman Meat Slicer Smart 250 Imported from Italy


To restaurants and food processing firms, meat slicer  is the revolutionary kitchen equipment for food preparation. With simple operating principle, and multifunction, meat slicer is becoming a familiar equipment and even a companion of catering and food service operations.

Máy thát lát thịt công nghiệp

Sirman meat slicers (model Smart 250) are completely built-up and imported from Italy. It is a wonderful piece of equipment for restaurants thank to the following advantages: reasonable price, Compact dimension, light weight, ventilated motor for continuous work. Furthermore, the cover is  made of a special kind of firm plastic. Moreover, the sharp steel blade can make even cuts without shredding the meat.

Máy thái lát thịt Sirman

Main features:

1. Compact dimensions, modern and firm design

2. Assure food safety thanks to  the plastic cover 

3. Ventilated motor for continuous work without being over heated

4. Adjustable blade to make cuts at various-thickness ranging from 0 to 13mm

5. Build-in sharpener body assembly with 2 standard emery-wheels

6.  High speed, easy for use

7. Removable components, easy for cleaning

Thông số kỹ thuật của máy



Kích thước máy

60 x 50 x 40 cm

Kích thước lưỡi dao

25 cm

Trọng lượng

15 Kg

Công suất

132 W

Dòng điện

230 V

Hayen Coporation is a leading company in the field of commercial kitchen equipments. We commit to 
distribute authentic product and provide a twelve-month warranty. 


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