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Heated air dry cabinet

Model: ( DD )
Heated air dry cabinet
Heated air dry cabinet Heated air dry cabinet Heated air dry cabinet
Heated air dry cabinet is used to dry dishes after washing
  • Features Heated air dry cabinet

    Heated air dry cabinet is ideal to dry chinaware after washing.

    Dry thermostat with radiators functionally transforming electrical power to heat and reach precise temperature after a specific period.

    Detachable controll box, easy for installation and maintenance.

    Drying fan with air convection function to distribute heat evenly inside the chamber.

    (Standard B) Stainless steel 304#4 or (Standard C) Stainless steel 201#4

    Counter top: stainless steel 304#4, thickness 1.2.
    Undershelf & middleshelf:  stainless steel 304#4, thickness 1.0.
    Body and doors: stainless steel 304#4, thickness 0.8.

    Sliding door with ball bearing, easy to disassemble for cleaning inside the chamber.
    D38 adjustable stainless steel legs.
    Malaysia stainless steel deadbolt.
    Handle: stainless steel punching.
    Convection fan: Heat resistance cylindrical fan imported from China.
    Power switch: Jelco
    Indicator light: Jelco
    Dry thermistor: Jelco
    Thermostat: NK (EGO-German)

    Gross capacity: 1500W + 24W
    Operating temperature: 50oC - 70oC
    Voltage source: 220V/50Hz/1P +E
    - Flow rate: 6.8 m3/minute
    - Noise rate: 44 (dBA)
    - Heating time: (20oC-70oC): <29 minutes.

    Available to customize: Digital indicator for temperature display. Stainless steel 304#4 or Stainless steel 201#4

    Care and safety:
    Turn off switch immediately & do not adjust temperature should electricity leakage might sign doubtful
    Switch OFF when stop using, turn temperature controll button anticlockwise to OFF point (0oC). 
    Turn off Aptomat Protection, unplug the power source when stop working and switch OFF when stop using

    Package & lable:
    Carton box and PE film wrap to prevent scratch & dust.
    Extra carton layer & fixed wooden frames applied for exportation and long distance freight.
    Dry & sterilize cabinet can be specifically customized as per request.

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