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BBQ Grill

Model: ( BB )
BBQ Grill
Hayen's BBQ help creating simple but appealing delicious dishes, low expenses in comparison with others BBQ.
  • Features BBQ Grill

    1. Features:

     - S/S made.
     - Smooth shining surface.
     - Practical size suitable for restaurant.
     - High quality S/S griddle, rust resistance.
     - Large perforated griddle, big grids.

    2. Advantages:
     - Reasonable price.
     - Extensive warranty.
     - Optimal design, sturdy and compact.
     - Suitable for various BBQ foodstuffs.
     - Safety usage, easy operation.
     - Durable, efficient heat, speedy cook & pleasant taste.
     - Easy assemble and disassemble, facilitate cleaning.

    3. Operation manual:
     - Arrange BBQ on floor.
     - Foodstuff can directly BBQ over high heat charcoal or grill with aluminum foil wrapped. However, direct BBQ on griddle over charcoal still remain traditional method.
     - Constantly turn up and down BBQ items to avoid burning. (Attention: Carefully trim fat away from meat and cut meat into small pieces, have them cooked before BBQing to diminish risk of HCA cancer from raw foodstuff).
     - Throughoutly clean the BBQ before & after each use. Also, free away any unnecessary items around the BBQ to prevent fire & explosion.
     - Carefully study operation manual before use.
     - Hayen believe that with our BBQ you will have a good time & joyful moments to enjoy flavorful aromatic dishes in  express time.

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  • Special features BBQ Grill

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