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Gas Deep Fryer

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Gas Deep Fryer
Gas deep fryer is ideal for frying meat, fish, potatoes or bigger pieces such as chikcen...etc. Add on lid, facilitate cleaning, compliance with food hygiene standard.
  • Tính năng Gas Deep Fryer

    Features & usages:
    Gas deepfryer use to deepfry shirmp, crab, seafood, vegetables, potato in large amount of oil. 
    Gas deep fryer made from rust free material, long lasting endurance & alluring.
    Advance design with detachable gears, easy to remove components for cleaning & maintenance.

    Stainless steel 304#4


    Available to customize: S/S type, thickness & surface.

    Care and safety:
    Abraded & cautiously polished edges, hazard free. Safety usage.

    Package & lable:
    Carton box and PE film wrap to prevent scratch & dust.

    Extra carton layer & fixed wooden frames applied for exportation and long distance freight.

    Gas deep fryer can be specifically customized as per request.

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    Bếp chiên rán nhúng gas

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