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Stainless steel counter

Model: ( CO )
Stainless steel counter
Stainless steel counter Stainless steel counter Stainless steel counter
Used to store food, and kitchen appliances
  • Features Stainless steel counter

     Features and Usages

    To store kitchen tools, and food

    Tightly welded frame


    B Standards - stainless steel 304#4 and C standard  201#4, 


    Fully TIG welding provides strong rigidity.

    Abraded welding seam assimilates with adjoining surface.

    Flat sheet

    Tubular stainless steel frame and handrail

    Casters with 2 brakes.


    Besides basic specifications, customers can choose additional features such as:

    Material: steel type, thickness, surface.

    With solid stainless steel D8 edges around

    Care and safety

    Abraded & cautiously polished edges

    Safety for users

    Packing and labelling

    Wrapped with PE (polyethylene) and carton boxes.

    Sealed with nylon film to prevent dust and scratch.

    Special cases: for the exported or long distance-transported products, being wrapped with paper board before being fixed in wooden frames.

    Customers can be fabricated upon specific request. can be fabricated upon specific request.

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  • Special features Stainless steel counter

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