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Hayen is the leading company in providing complete solutions for commercial kitchen & laundry equipment in the region with quality products and professional services that surpass customer expectations.




Creating an ideal working environment for employees & satisfying client’s needs. We would like to demonstrate our contribution to the development of the country, Adhere to community of the “reinforcing the food safety & hygiene”, Sustainable development & steady grow to be the platform for next generation & the proud of investors, workers & Hayen’s partners.




Prioritize for satisfying client’s expectation.
Truthful manner, considerate service & professional approaches.
Supply distinctive functional products & market orientation.
Respectfully establish bilateral relation & co-operative partnership.
Internal harmonious solidarity, mutual efforts for the development of Hayen.

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We are not just proud but also aware of mission of the pioneer, the leader in the field of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment in Vietnam.
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